How will the city of Copenhagen look like in 2050?

The workshop Copenhagen 2050, part of the Urban Future Scenarios under Climate Change project, took place in August 2023, at UCPH, South Campus. It was an intensive 2 full-days workshop with 7 participants who worked together in a single group, producing a Scenario for 2050 Copenhagen. The main objectives was to speculate about the future of the city based on a critical assessment of relevant climate change-related reports and a critical overview of current ways of designing made present in the city.

The work done during the workshop can be divided in 4 steps:
Assimilation. Reviewing scientific reports related to climate change and keeping in mind the main elements as support for speculating.
Speculation. Devising multiple possibilities for the future of the city taking into account the expected unfoldings of climate change. The guiding question of this stage is “what if….?”
Imagination. Building a coherent scenario by putting together some of the possibilities envisioned in the previous stage in a single vision. 
Materialization. Materializing the scenario articulating textual and visual elements. For the workshop, this was done following a template divided in 4 section: “Copenhagen 2050 in a nutshell”, where the main ideas guiding the scenario were synthetized in short texts and a few images; “News from Copenhagen 2050”, presenting headlines, leads and images of relevant facts in a Newspaper simulation; “A day in Copenhagen 2050”, showcasing a day in the life of the participants (or a fictional persona) were they to live in 2050 Copenhagen.

Anders Michelsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Daniel B. Portugal (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Selma Nygaard Ranløv (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Wandyr Hagge (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)Copenahgen

Happy people in the last day of the workshop

Resulting Scenario



Daniel B. Portugal, Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Mil Feux, Selma Ranløv, Selma Harboe, Victoria Mouton, Wandyr Hagge.